X3 Skyview Roof HELP!!!!

Chicagoland, IL
So something happened with my sunroof 2 nights ago...

It was tilted up, as I normally leave it on some nights, and the other night I decided to close it.

As I did, I heard a loud popping noise. I look up to see that the left side closed, but the right side of both glass panes were still tilted up. I didn't want the glass to break, so I opened it back up to tilt the left side in the up position.

More popping noises...

The front pane then closed as normal, but the back one remained open.

I took it to Crevier BMW here in Santa Ana and the told me that the whole roof unit needs to be replaced. BMW CPO warranty wasn't taking care of the repair. I'm waiting for my other extended warranty to give word back on approval for the repair as well.

I asked the service adviser how much it'd be if the warranty doesn't cover it...


I just wanted to ask anyone out there if this sounds right?

I hardly think it'd worth paying if my warranty doesn't cover the repair. I've already rolled in negative equity into my loan for this car, so I'm stuck in a bad situation if I decide to trade this car in.

Any help/advice?

Thanks everyone.
Alpine, NJ
I read your post when you first posted it. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Why isn't BMW CPO warranty covering it? If you purchased an appropriate extended warranty from BMW, I don't see why they wouldn't cover this.