Radio, CD changer, DVD navi are dead, fuses ok.


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Hi Guys.
I'm new here. I decided to write because in Polish forums nobody knows what was happend in my case ;)
In my X5 3.0 Diesel 2006 - I wanted to connect a simple bluetooth aux module. I have a big radio (part No. 6980246).
Today I already know that I connected the module wrong. Plus to the blue cube socket 6, minus to the blue cube socket 12. I welded with a meter - it seemed to me that it would be ok. It was not.
Radio is completely dead. It does not respond to any button. The orange LED is not lit, nothing. Cd Charger and DVD Navi also do not work. The rest works. After disconnecting the battery, you can hear the radio normally and you can give louder, quieter on the steering wheel buttons, but the above still do not work. I checked the fuses associated with the audio system in the trunk and sleeve compartment - they are all ok. Unfortunately, after replacing the battery with a new one - the car calls for a digital code. I have it but I can not type because the monitor is still dead :/

Any advices?