Lost drive please help


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Hi everyone I'm new here and after some help diagnosing the loss of drive on my 2014 (F15) 30d m sport.
So to tell the full back story. I got myself a puncture last week which in itself was nothing new as I'm sure I have magnetic wheels that just go along the roads collecting all the screws. However this time instead of just being alerted by the tpms the rear of the car was shaking violently and so I stopped on the hard shoulder to take a look and found the inside tyre wall was almost completely detached. I rang for breakdown and recovery and was given the great news that I would likely be waiting 2 hours before getting taken off the motorway to service station and then another 3 hours to home/garage and so with 2 young kids and wife with me (and being the impatient T@#t that I am) I decided to drive the further 10 miles to home as slow as possible. So got the tyre fixed and all was fine until yesterday when pulling away there was a knocking noise and tugging from the rear that almost sounded like a driveshaft was slipping although quietened down and stopped once it was up to any sort of urban cruising speed. Now today I went to pull away on a slight uphill gradient and it just wouldn't go anywhere. It is making a clonking noise when selecting reverse or drive and clonks with a make a motion like it wants to go. I've now got the car jacked up and noticed that when I had the wife engage it in to gear but holding on the brake that the driveshaft was spinning to the rear differential but obviously the car wasn't moving.
Has anyone ever experienced something like this and any ideas on what it could be?
Sorry for such a long post also.