The “Carbon Fiber” presence in the BMW M6 is both felt and Seen in the Interior and Exteriors Roofs, Etc. I had been watching this BMW M6 Online, and flew a well known Commercial Airlines to Ohio. My wife and I test drove the brand new BMW M6, and we loved this 2019 BMW M6, with only 102 Miles on it. We have purchased BMW’s for years, but after our BMW M6 test drive, the “Straight line test”, (this new 2019 BMW M6 GRAN COUPE BMW M6 stayed in our lane) and did not go out of our Lane on the highway. We did other test that would show us quickly that this BMW had NO problems.

Last year around March 23, 2021…I purchased my 2019 BMW M6 at that Great BMW Dealership in Ohio.

After a year and a half, My 2019 BMW M6 has only 11,000 miles on it. My Gran Coupe M6 Exterior Color is BMW M6 Space Gray with black full “Leather interior. I get compliments on my “M6” series that range from Quite Awesome to thumbs up at The Gas ⛽️ Pumps .

One of my favorite options i.e. is the Bang & Olufsen stereo with the Concert Sound and Sound Equalizer in my BMW M6.

Also along with my first Course Test Driver experience’s I noticed this M6 is full of Horse Power ie: 600Hp. and the M6 engine has “Twin Turbo’s” I was told that this new BMW M6 is The last known of a New BMW M6 Gran Coupe with the Competition Package was brand new, along with just 102Miles on the Odometer in the United States. My 2019 BMW Gran Coupe M6 with the Competition Package, this Competition Package takes my BMW M6 Twin Turbo’s from 560Hp Up TO 600hp Horsepower. HOWEVER My 2019 BMW M6 has every option known to every Excutive Package that includes a BANG-OLSEN Concert loud as you want Bang- Olsen Clear Sound System.

In conclusion: You can do your own research on a 2019 M6 That comes with 600Horsepower. Now BMW quit making the ever popular, M6; with a BMW M-8. I noticed BMW Owners from M-6 are now saying the BMW M-8 comes with a: 160,000.00 Price Tag to their M8s owners are looking for their or other BMW M6 FOR $109,000.00. I see a lot of 2023 BMW M-8 now for sale 133,000.00.

I read the BMW-8 Forums and a few BMW M-8 drivers there are saying they wish they would have kept their 2016-2019 and purchased the DINAN horse Power packages, handling, and a rich Muffler Sound with increased Horsepower to my 2019 BMW M6.

The price was for my MSRP: 138,600.00. The price for my 2019 BMW M6 is now after one year is: $100,000.00, OBO, with remaining BMW NA warranty.

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