2001 X5 P0171 and P0174 Codes


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I have an X5 E53 2001. I am getting the lean codes and cannot find the problems.

I have done a smoke text and can find no vacuum leaks. I have replaced the DISA valve. It has a new MAF Sensor.

The gas gauge in the car is not working, goes to half tank and then never goes any lower. To address that I changed out the fuel sending unit on the drivers side. I left the fuel pump side and just changed the other side. The codes started appearing after doing that.

The car does not run rough or misfire at all. At idle the car does not produce the codes. I let the car idle for 45 minutes with no codes. As soon as the RPMs are above approx 1500 the codes appear.

Is it possible that somehow the car is not getting enough fuel because of that work in some way. Is there any way to check to see if the car is not getting enough fuel.

Any help I can get would be great.