Problem with 2017 BMW X5 Nav System & Voice Control

Since I’ve owned this BMS, I could just say “CVS” (or some other place I wanted to find).
The Nav system would immediately produce a list of all the “CVS’s close to me.
I would select one and it would calculate the route and off I would go !
I NEVER had to enter a specific address (unless it was a personal residence or place not in the database)

Suddenly, the Voice Command is not working the same way.
No matter WHAT I ask for – the “lady” demands a street address, city and state.

I had the car in for service last week and asked the BMW dealer to fix this.
BMW said my maps had expired about 5 days ago and I now needed to purchase a map because my new-car, auto update had ended. He assured me this would fix the problem.
So I purchased a new $150 map – the All North America version along with a $40 lifetime pass key (FSC code).
With the excellent help from a BMW on-line Tech, I installed the new map.
But … the Nav system is STILL not performing like is originally did.

No matter what address I ask for, the “lady” demands that I enter a street address, city and state.
In fact she often tries to guide me to an entirely different state than I specified!!

My Nav System used to generate a list and I could choose from. This ability to ask for a "general" destination had even greater benefit when I might know I needed a CVS or some destination ... but had no idea where one might be located in the area I was driving !!!

But now …. No matter What I do …. The lady demand"s a specific street, city, state address
This is driving me absolutely nuts.
Can someone please tell me what is wrong and what I need to do to get my Nav system to start performing like it did for the previous 4 years !!!!!